Bangor is a 4 hectare vineyard and a beautiful 6,000 hectare farming property that is managed for its' stunning natural environment.  Located on the Forestier Peninsula in Tasmania's south east, Bangor has over 35 km of breathtaking coastline, 5,100 hectares of native forests and 2,100 hectares of private nature conservation reserves.  These precious forests are home to a large number of birds and animals, including some of Tasmania's most iconic species such as the wedge-tailed eagle, and the Tasmanian Devil.

Bangor and the Forestier Peninsula also have a long and proud cultural history, from Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage, to the first European explorers visiting Bangor's shores in 1642, to whaling in Lagoon Bay in the 1830's and the development of farming land to supply food to the convict settlement of Port Arthur.  The Dunbabin family started managing Bangor in the late 1800's, and the property remains in the family to this day.

Learn about our wine, our farming operations, our extensive environmental management programme, and the fascinating history of both the property and the Dunbabin family in Tasmania.

Caring for the environment is our way of life here at Bangor


See our latest video of a snake slithering along one of our fences!

A snake happily crawling along one of our farm fences here at Bangor!